Helen Prendergast (IRELAND)

I honestly cannot say enough about this product! A friend gave me a sample small pot of it to try out as being a bleeder my healing powers are extremely poor. I’m one of those people that always needs a blood transfusion after any type of surgery, which thankfully I’ve only needed twice in my life. Recently I had a cut on my arm from a fall. It just wouldn’t heal! I remembered the Kwena product and applied it.
MAGIC results! I gave it to a friend to try out…. also a man with poor healing powers. Likewise it was miraculous! Do try it if you can. Just wondering if it is good for teenage acne? That would be awesome for the younger generation.


Jeanine Umulisa (RWANDA)

I suffer from painful scars (keloids scars). I got them after a surgery. I used all kind of products with no result. After researching natural medicine that could help my condition, I ended up buying Kwena Products. Your creams help me more than other products. Here is some of the reasons I use your products: Kwena doesn’t remove the scars but reduce the volume of them. I use the cream to soothe scratching, I apply it directly on the scars. I also use Kwena cream for burned skin.
Kwena is good to heal the skin infection. I use the creams twice a day.



Hi, I’m contacting you to say how surprised I am with your product. In all my life I’ve never come across anything like it. My uncle fell off a horse and suffered some injuries to his face. He used KWENA on the wounds and the results have been astounding! I’s only been a few days but he looks like the accident was 2 weeks ago! How is it we’ve never heard of this product before? It’s maybe a bit weird but I’ve attached 2 photos. Have a good evening


Simone Taylor (IRELAND)

Once again thank you for my Kwena- it is AMAZING – I burnt myself on the oven and healed in half the time with my balm. Unreal stuff!


Chris Chapman (NORWAY)

After having it recommended to me for a cut, I was truly amazed by the fast and effective healing properties. As a chef, I’ve had to put up with cuts that take a long time to heal, but this has truly opened my eyes to a new elixir!



Great results! My husband suffered badly with small sores on his face & head which never seemed to heal and a week after applying KWENA they had disappeared. Magic! He also had a bad sting from a bee and applied Kwena & hey presto a week later the sting sore had healed. Great product!!! We’ll done! Keep up the good work.


Willie Cunningham (IRELAND)

At last I found it… Kwena… good old crocodile! All my life I have scratched my itchy insect bites until they bled. On river, mountain, golf courses, and valley, they got me. No matter how I tried to repel the buggers, mosquitoes and Doctor flies made my life hell. KWENA is a MUST in your ruck sack, golf bag or fishing gear. When you feel the bite just rub on a tiny bit of Kwena Balm and forget about it. The quicker the better. Thanks Kwena!


Janine Lindeque (SOUTH AFRICA)

I have incredibly sensitive skin, so I need to be really careful about what I put on my face. Kwena products are incredibly soothing. It not only makes my dry skin go away, my skin glows. I also use the balm on bug and mosquito bites. Works like a charm.”


Vicky Velaora (GREECE)

Your balm is the product that replaced so many bottles of cosmetics and medicine in my bathroom cabinet and in my camping medical kit! Now, I need only one for all! I use it for hydrating the skin on my face and body, on rough, even cracked skin, on cuts, bruises and injuries of every kind. I found it to be amazing especially on burns and sunburn and I even use it on my pets both dogs and cats as it is safe and non-toxic even if it is swallowed. It’s amazing how quickly it works without any side-effects! It really changed my life by bringing natural balance! Thank you so much KWENA!