Pure. Ethical. Sustainable.

KWENA is the Sotho-Tswana name for crocodile in Southern Africa. We chose the name KWENA out of respect for the wondrous healing properties of Nile Crocodile Oil and its vast use over the centuries to treat a number of skin conditions.

Living in today’s world means dealing with great diversity, specialisation and options. The market has become a confusing place with a vast variety of available products, specialised for every condition. Often we wish for a single product that is gentle, effective, and most importantly, free from harmful chemical substances.

On a regular basis, we are called to make wise and practical decisions, especially when choosing products used directly on our skin. Practicality and ethical environmental practises for obtaining the product are the most considered concepts that drive us in KWENA in setting the high standards met by our products.

The development of a versatile skin care range was borne from the desire to create an effective and consolidated range which could effectively help a multitude of skin conditions. Each of the four products comprises high concentrations of pure Nile Crocodile Oil which is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids as well as vitamins E and A all proven to promote the skincare healing process. Kwena Products has harnessed the oil properties of the pure Nile Crocodile Oil and combined them with effective essential oils and African botanical extracts.

Whether you’re looking for an eczema balm or the best natural eye cream for wrinkles, KWENA product range is a practical solution for everyday skin care that is gentle and effective.

Our Director – Ina Katsani