The term Crocodile Farm describes any facility that breeds and/or rears crocodiles for commercial uses and in accordance with the strict regulations of the CITES convention.

Crocodile farming is an industry of great significance throughout Africa. Farmed for their meat and leather the valuable crocodile fat was previously discarded. In a quest for environmental sustainability, this byproduct is now processed with the application of heat and pressure to arrive at pure Nile Crocodile Oil.

In KWENA we acquire the Nile Crocodile Oil from verified crocodile breeding farms in South Africa that supplies crocodile meat to restaurants and meat suppliers in Africa and Europe. The skin of crocodiles is used by local people to produce leather accessories and is also exported to major fashion houses in Europe.

Nile Crocodile Oil is harnessed as a byproduct of the crocodile farming process. The oil is extracted from the fat cells of the crocodile during the process of meat preparation. The fat is then broken down with heat before distillation. No chemicals are added during the process ensuring that the process and byproduct are 100% pure.